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 How can I travel with BTBtour?

     With BTBtour traveling is easy. You can either buy hotel accommodation, transfer, rent a car, tours on our website booking system or you can contact any of our offices by e-mail and you can get any of our quality services for the best price possible.


 Do I need VISA to travel?

     The answer to this question depends of your country of origin and the country You want to travel to. You can check the answer for this question on the internet, but the best way to get the right answer is to ask your local Embassy or any State Department that are working with this kind of issues.


 Can I use my credit card when I travel?

     Almost all the banks in the world let their clients use their credit cards worldwide, so if Your bank allows you to use your credit card in foreign countries, of course you can use your credit card. But our advice is to keep a little cash in you just for any case, because some of the shops may not have a credit card payment method.


 Where can I change currency?

     If you want to exchange currency on your travel, the best way to do that is first to exchange your currency to € (Euro) or $ (USD), so when you travel in the foreign countries you won't get easily deceived, and when you enter the country that you are going you can exchange to the local currency. You can do that in most of the banks, in the exchange offices or maybe you can exchange in your hotel if they give service like this.


 Can I contact my family while I am on the trip?

     There are many ways to stay in touch with your family while you are on the trip. First of all, you can use your mobile card if you want, but this way is too expensive. 

               Another method is to buy pre-paid mobile card number from the country that you are traveling to and activate internet package. This method is the best method, but it comes with a little cost, depends on the country.

               The last method is to use local Wi-Fi internet from coffee shops, hotels, public networks etc. This method is the best if you are traveling in more than one country on your trip and it comes with no cost.


If you have more questions that you want answers to, feel free to contact us.




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